Orlando moving

When planning your move, you’ll inevitably find yourself wondering what to do with your large furniture pieces, such as...

How could I take them safely out of my old home?

How could I prevent property damage and personal injuries when lifting the heavy items and carrying them around?

How could I load them onto the moving truck and ensure their safety during the transportation?

How could I unload them upon arrival and take them into my new place without so much as a scratch?

The only way to achieve such a remarkable feat is to take apart your furniture before the move and reassemble it in your new home.


Desks, beds, cabinets, wall units, and exercise equipment are usually items that require disassembly and then assembly in your new home.

You can complete this task yourself or allow our team of professionals at Experienced Movers to lend you a hand.

Even though we offer furniture disassembly and reassembly services, there are some exceptions to the pieces of furniture we will take apart or put together. Give us a call for more details.

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