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Packing Tips

Orlando Moving Company

The main reasons customers contact Experienced Movers, LLC is they don't have the time or they prefer not to do all the work themselves.  Moving is a hard job.  We are happy to do all the HEAVY LIFTING so you can concentrate on other important aspects of your move.  There are a few things we ask you to consider to better prepare your goods for transport: 

Consider Professional Packers

You may be thinking about doing all the packing yourself; however, professional packing will reduce your stress level.  You will also know that your valued possessions will arrive safely at your new destination and you will know where they are.  If you choose to have us pack your boxes for you, be sure to contact us prior to the moving date to ensure we are prepared with all the necessary materials.

Have Plenty of Boxes and Supplies

When you begin making your plans to move, make sure you have plenty of boxes and packing materials handy.  This will keep you from having to stop during packing to get more supplies.  Being prepared at the beginning of your move will ultimately save you stress, time and most importantly money.

Hazardous Materials Can Not Be Transported

​Items such as gasoline, explosives, ammunition, propane tanks and other hazardous materials can not be transported by moving companies.  Be sure to arrange to move these items separately.

Pack Your Non-Essentials First

Always pack your non-essential items first.  Anything that you will not need until you are fully unpacked should be included here so you can begin packing weeks in advance.  

Label All Your Boxes

Be sure to label all your boxes on the tops and sides of each box.  This will ensure that your belongings are packed safely inside the truck.


Unplug Electronic Equipment

TV's, computers and stereo systems should be unplugged before the moving crew arrives.  We will not hook up electronic equipment inside your new home.

Electronic Equipment

Pack electronic equipment in an approved container (box), appropriate for shipping.  Include in the package the cords or remotes needed to operate the item.

Put Heavier Items in Smaller Boxes

Typically, the heavier the item is the smaller the box you should use (i.e. books).  Save the larger boxes for light items.

Keep Clothes in Drawers

In most cases clothes can be left inside drawers.  The movers will determine by the item's weight, if it can be moved safely.  All fragile and liquid items should be removed from dressers before moving.

Secure boxes with tape

Be sure to tape all boxes shut with secure packing tape.  Do not use duct tape please!

Based in Tallahassee, Experienced Movers provides residential and commercial moving services that are affordable, reliable, quick. With the highest customer satisfaction. Service Areas now include Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tallahassee. 

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