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How to Pack Glassware for Moving

Moving can be a daunting process that most people find to be overwhelming. There are lots of moving parts when it comes to moving locations. Packing dish-ware or other breakables can make the experience even more stressful. If you’re wondering how to pack your glassware so it makes it to the next destination in one piece, we are here to help. We’ll be sharing some tips on how to pack your fragile things properly to decrease damage to your most loved items.

But first, here some materials you’ll need:

Old towels/cloth, bubble wrap, packing paper

Moving boxes


Here are some tips for packing your glassware:


It’s no secret that things go more smoothly with some pre-planning and organizing. So, it’s no surprise that this would be the first and most helpful tip. Be sure to gather all your supplies needed up front and organize your glassware on a flat surface so that it’s easily accessible when packing. It’s best to organize your dish-ware by putting dishes that are similar together and to separate by size (this will make tip number #4 easier). This first step will help speed up the boxing process.

Pick your box

Part of packing glassware safely is making sure you pick the right box. There are different options when picking a box such as a dish box that has double layering for fragile items or boxes that come with cells to easily store glassware. But if you prefer to use a regular cardboard box, make sure to choose a medium sized box. It will allow less room for the glassware to move around and make it easier for you to move the box compared to a larger one. Purchase boxes here.

Prep your box

Adding a cushion to the bottom of your box is key. Add about 6 inches of crumpled packing paper, bubble wrap, or towels/cloth to the bottom of your box. The cushion will help protect the glassware from hitting the bottom of the box or flooring when the box is placed down. It is especially important to seal the bottom of the box with packing tape, so it doesn’t open when the box is lifted.

Wrap and Layer

Be sure to wrap the heavy glassware and place it in the box first. For glasses and mugs, lay the item in the bottom corner of the paper and roll up diagonally, tucking excess paper into the cup as you go. Place them vertically in the box creating layers of cushion in-between as you go. Bowls should be wrapped just like the glasses, however, when placing them in the box place them on their sides. The same would apply for plates after they have been wrapped. When plates and bowls are placed to the side they act as support for one another. Think of packing the box as loading a dishwasher, dishes go vertical.

Stemmed glasses

For stemmed wine glasses, begin wrapping as mentioned above but roll halfway up the packing paper focusing on the most delicate part of the glass, the stem. Once that feels supported enough, continue wrapping the remaining portion of the glass properly. Pre-made cell boxes are best for packing wine glasses, however, if you are using a regular box be sure to pack these glasses last as they tend to be the most fragile.

Don’t leave space

You want the least amount of movement possible in the boxes. To ensure this you’ll want to fill any empty space in the box with crumpled packing paper. This includes making sure the inside of the glasses and bowls are stuffed and filling the sides of each item to make sure there is no hollow space in-between.

Don’t Overload

This one is pretty simple. The heavier the box, the more likely it is to be dropped and damaged.

Seal and label

Lastly, securely tape the box closed. Don’t forget to label the box as “Fragile” so it can be differentiated from the other boxes when in transit. You may also label what is inside the boxes to make it simpler to unpack.

Now that you know how to properly pack your dish-ware for moving, packing is only half the battle! And if you are still having trouble with those fragile items, don’t worry we offer packing services too. Make this move your best move by booking us to help you on moving day. Request a quote here.

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