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Should You Pack by Yourself?

Updated: May 26

Questions to Ask Before Packing

So, you’ve decided it’s time to move! You’re finally getting around to packing after holding off for as long as you could. But now you’re looking around wondering “should I pack this all myself?” Packing is no easy feat, but it’s not impossible either, given the right circumstances. If you are thinking of packing yourself, there are a few things you need to consider and we are here to guide you in making that decision.


First, we need to know the difference between moving yourself and hiring a mover. In the end most people just want a successful move that is both efficient and economical. Self-packing allows you to possibly lower your moving expenses and gives you full control over your items and moving experience. But on the other hand, it requires a lot of time and energy to pack properly. Hiring professional movers saves you time and energy and is quite efficient since they are trained professionals. However, it's an additional expense and you don’t get as much control over your items. Now that we’ve differentiated the two let us look at some questions to ask before making an informed decision.

Are you trying to save money?

One of the most important factors to consider is moving expenses. Anyone who has moved before knows that things add up. Having a budget set in place is extremely important. If your budget is limited, then you may consider doing it yourself. However, be sure to include the cost for the fees and extras like supplies, equipment, transportation, insurance etc.

Do You have time?

It is no secret that moving is tedious and time consuming. You should plan your packing schedule ahead of time to make sure you are moving out in a timely manner. This can be hard when you also have work, kids, or school to tend to. It's important to take your daily schedule into consideration when packing yourself. It can also be hard if you are moving on a time crunch and don’t have months in advance to prepare. Lastly, remember that the more things you have to pack the longer the process will take. Which leads to our next question….

How many items do you have?

Are you moving to a large home or a smaller home? How many rooms need to be packed? Do you have a lot of items in your home? How big are the items? These are all factors you should look at before making a choice because let’s be honest, trying to pack a home with more than three rooms can take quite some time to get the entire home into a box. And if you don’t have many things or mainly have small items then you just may want to try it yourself. With either choice just be sure to have enough time to pack everything you have.

Do you have the resources to move?

Packing supplies, moving equipment, renting transportation, fuel, storage, and insurance are just a few of the resources needed for a proper move. Not to mention ensuring that you have enough manpower to lift and move all those boxes and furniture. So, if you don’t have access to extra help or resources you may want to reconsider the DIY method.

Do you have the physical capability?

Back pain, bodily injuries, and muscle strains are things you may be at risk for when packing and organizing items yourself. That is why it’s important to know how much effort packing requires. Everyone isn’t physically capable to bend, lift, and carry heavy items over an extended time and that is ok. If you aren’t physically able, it’s better to call a professional. If not, your body will end up paying for it. It’s better to be safe and protect yourself from unnecessary injuries.

Have you moved before or is this your first time?

If you’ve successfully moved homes before chances are you already have an idea of all that it entails and can do it again. However, if you have no experience moving then you may underestimate all it takes to pack and move properly. You may also be more prone to injuries and damaged items due to inexperience.

How far away are you moving?

If you’re moving down the street or less than 100 miles away, then self-packing may not be a bad choice since it's nearby. However, if you’re moving far away it is best to get professionals to make sure all your items are packed well and arrive safely after a long drive. Professional movers are knowledgeable about packing, loading boxes, and using space wisely while preventing damage. Therefore, you can stress less about your things moving around in the truck during transportation.

Now that we’ve mapped out the factors to consider when deciding to pack, you can make a more informed decision about the options available to you. It’s best to choose the packing method that suits your needs, fits your budget, aligns with your schedule, and is the most efficient.

Whether that’s packing yourself or hiring a mover, we are here for all your needs! If you’re in need of packing or moving services, we’ll be more than happy to help you successfully move with whatever choice you make.

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