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Tips on Hiring Your Moving Company

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

There comes a point when your moving strategy can no longer be offering a few friends pizza and hauling your precious belongings back and forth in the back of a pickup truck. You finally have things you love - and a lot of it - and need professional help to make sure that everything arrives in one piece. So you head online to look for a mover and find lots of phone numbers and several horror stories of moves gone wrong. Instead of rolling the dice and hoping everything works out, let our tips help you find the perfect Orlando moving company.

Get referrals.

It’s absolutely a good idea to get referrals from your friends and family. But did you know that there are professional organizations that might help you find the best crew for your move? The American Moving and Storage Association has a list of Certified ProMovers who have passed a background check and operate according to their code of ethics.

Get references.

Some of the best feedback is from past customers. Ask any potential moving company for references from past clients. If you’re selling your house or renting from a leasing company, ask them if they have any experience with the companies you are considering.

Get an in-person estimate.

The best way to know how much it will cost to move your stuff is to let someone from the company see your stuff. Some movers offer sight unseen quotes, but without taking a walkthrough, you might find yourself owing more than you thought.

Get a complete estimate.

It’s possible your quote might not include extra charges, so make sure you ask about additional fees like equipment fees, fuel surcharges, and fees for stairs and elevators. Your estimate should include all of the costs and fees and should absolutely be in writing.

Get multiple quotes.

Aim to speak with at least three companies before making your final decision. Since most companies build their estimates in similar ways, be mindful of low ball offers. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Check the insurance on your belongings.

Any reputable moving company will have insurance coverage on your belongings. Ask for the details of the coverage in writing. Your homeowner’s or rental insurance may also cover your belongings in transit.

Be mindful of deposit amounts.

Most movers don’t charge large deposits for residential moves, though some might require a small deposit during peak moving seasons. It’s a potential red flag if a moving company is asking for an exorbitant amount for your deposit.

Review your contract carefully before signing.

Make sure that everything you agreed on is in the contract. A good contract will include the estimate and extra fees, pick-up and delivery dates, and an inventory of all of your belongings. Never sign a blank contract and ask that it’s amended if something is missing.

We hope this list was helpful. If you want to move with one of Florida's highest-rated customer satisfaction moving companies, give us a call at (850) 321-5898 or request a quote. Make your next move, your best move with Experienced Movers.

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