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What Should NOT Go Into Your Storage Unit

Updated: May 22, 2022

We have moved many items into houses and apartments, but there are times when we help move items into a storage unit. People utilize storage companies for many reasons but usually it's meant to be a temporary solution until their home is available. With that being said, we thought it would be helpful to know what you SHOULDN'T be storing in your storage unit.

Do not put these items in your storage unit:

Flammable or Combustible Items

Anything that can catch fire or explode is huge no! This means gasoline, propane, oil, grease, chemicals, cleaners, and paint.

Toxic Materials

Do not store chemicals, fertilizers and even some everyday cleaning products in a self-storage unit where fumes can mix and cause issues. That means no ammonia, no bleach and no solvents nail polish remover.

Weapons, Ammunition, and Bombs

In most cases, firearms and ammunition are not permissible in storage rentals. No flame throwers, hand grenades, bazookas, or anything that will question your citizenship.


This includes food items that need refrigeration. These items can attract bugs and critters or encourage bacteria and mold to develop.

Live Plants

Plants need sunlight to live and can attract bugs and pests. Putting your live plants in a dark and cold storage will cause them more harm than good.

Wet Items

Things that are put away in storage while they are still wet can cause mold and mildew to grow.

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